The new project

The idea behind the project is simple, almost an instant intuition, but its transformation into products requires the use of numerous expertise. Each innovative line, each original choice, each new shape requires a considerable imaginative effort but its practicality requires a lot of experience and many experiences. This is why Sevensedie’s choice lies in the team, where each member brings his experience, his eye, his touch, just like in any winning sports team.

The thought, the project

When a brand intends to renew itself, it often asks for help to activate this process; the entrepreneur has an idea, or rather, an intuition, he knows it is right, but his history up to now has represented the past – present, not the future; to grasp the essence of the future he may need help.

The value of collaboration

In the world of design, and in particular interior design, collaboration with various professionals, each with their own sensitivity, is the right recipe for taking the step in the right direction; Sevensedie, with the collaboration with Luca, Paolo and Matteo, has activated its process of change.

From design to production

Drawing is everything, in our times a very powerful and effective analog – digital mix, where the thought immediately follows the manual sketch but at the end of the process you can already see the product you imagined even a few hours before; power of technology applied to art.Yes, because architecture is a form of art.

Sevensedie has always been used to recreating architectural art objects; she intends to become its protagonist.
The commitment is considerable, but the
satisfaction is indescribable; even the professionals who collaborate with us feel the satisfaction and of being able to see their child born.

From design to production