Fragments from our world

On the occasion of the 2022 Salone Sevensedie presents «8», the new program of development of native projects that embrace for the first time an innovative approach to design, therefore not according to the principles of “reproduction” of “classic” chairs and accessories, but as “creators” of innovative and trendy design. To do this, Sevensedie has activated several collaborations with established designers, with whom it has decided to embark on this new path.

Project presentation

“8” stands for “after 7”, English root of the Sevensedie brand, but it is also a symbol of infinity and in any case of circularity, efficiency, universality. “8” therefore represents the step forward, the next chapter, the next page from which to start making a new story. Sevensedie firmly believes in the value of renewal, in order to respond to its market but also to expand its commercial horizons.

The value of craftsmanship and know-how: The choices that "make" the product.

«Let’s face it», every idea / product is such only if, at the end of a complex process, it becomes reality. In order for it to become a reality, especially if we are talking about a new, original product, craftsmanship is central; in Sevensedie, craftsmanship accompanies the development of the project in all its phases; it is our way of industrializing the product.